Not a lot of people are aware about ‘’What BUSINESS CASUAL means?” You may expect a letter from your employer saying that you have to represent your company in a meeting and dress code is business casual! The first thing you do is to google about it. Not much results! You end up appearing on the scene with a completely out of the way dress! Result catastrophe! One thing every seller must know. It is

‘’you are not going to sell anything successfully until and unless you prove yourself to be what people want themselves to be!‘’

The business casual dress code is overpowering the business community too quickly. If you don’t have sense of business casual attire, then I am afraid that you may be completely left behind!

BUSINESS CASUAL; The new professional appearance

All the emerging companies are emphasizing on their employees about

“The Art of selling YOURSELF”

Yes! The buyers seem more interested if you are looking more good! According to a survey Business casual for men worked quite well enough for the sellers. The sellers who were wearing business casual attire had sales of 15% more than those who went with ordinary dresses.

Ashraf Chaudhary is considered a top-notch sales trainer and guess what?

He starts his training sessions with a basic lecture on “How to tie a tie?’’

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BUSINESS CASUAL; The differentiating factor

Men wearing suite

I personally have interviewed a lot of entrepreneurs during my career of 35 years!   Also I have hired over 2500 employees representing different firms and companies.   And you know how I selected the employees?

  • By virtue of their dress
  • By analysing how they CARRY their dress
  • By looking at their colour combinations while they select their dresses
  • Of Course by judging their body language

If you want to summarise all these points, then let me tell you, By seeing whether they wore the right business casual dress for the occasion or not! Now there are three most important questions

  • What does ‘’BUSINESS CASUAL’’ actually mean?
  • What is included in the term “BUSINESS CASUAL FOR WOMEN’’?


Business casual for men

Actually there is no proper definition of the word “Business casual”. Rather,this word is defined relatively. Business casual has various definitions with respect to various companies and their codes of conduct. However there are some specific kind of dresses that are universally accepted to be included in business casual. These are distinct both for men and women and also depend on following factors.

  • Industry or company concerned
  • size of the company
  • Employees’ and customer interactions
  • Geographical Features
  • Climate and culture
  • Age of the employees

Business casual for men

Business casual for men includes all the clothes that are causal as well as appropriate according to the ocassion. Business casual for men include

  • Slacks or Khakis
  • Dress shirts
  • Optional tie
  • Sport coat according to the season
  • Polo shirts
  • Loafers or dress shoes

When you are talking about the business casual for men then always keep in mind that it includes a professional business appearance while enjoying being more causal and relaxed.

Business casual for women

Business casual for women

Business casual for women is a more diverse and long sought topic then business casual for men. The reason is that women tend to wear in accordance to the fashion as well as the company business casual guidelines. Business casual for women include

  • Khaki or cotton pants
  • Knee length skirts
  • Sweaters or cardigans
  • Polo or knit shirts
  • Solid color dresses

Keep in mind while wearing business casual

Business casual for women

  • If you don’t know the dress codes and are relatively new,then settle for something more official as dress suits then showing off in bright colors for the sake of wearing “business casual”.


  • Be consistent with the choice of your dresses.Don’t enter under dressed on Friday while you have been wearing the best of business casual and formal attire during the rest of the week.


  • Proportion is the key.Don’t try to overdo anything while dressing up.Keep it simple and you will be alright.


  • Also remember to check on trending dress and fashion before you select what you are going to wear.


  • Business casual attire doesn’t mean something too expensive and somber; you can work along perfectly well with a limited budget!

We wish you a trendy and fashionable corporate business casual attire!


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