With the number of jobless youth growing day by day, business ideas for college students have interested many students as they aim at self-dependency.

Everyone wants to become independent as soon as possible so they try to find out either good jobs or startup ideas. Same is the case with college students!

While they are still in college, they look up for opportunities to startup their own businesses.


What is really tough is that they end up in a highly competitive business and they ruin the startup before they actually start up!

But now they don’t need to worry about business ideas that work now; because, we have written a complete article for them while enlisting ideas that would really work!

 business ideas for college students

Top 10 Business Ideas for College Students In Pakistan

Business isn’t as difficult in Pakistan as many people think it to be. Following are the list of business ideas available for college students to take up in Pakistan.


When you are looking for business ideas to make both ends meet, make sure that you have the skill set for it. You can’t go and start on a welding shop while you haven’t even stepped in there before.

So as a college student, you can be more comfortable and easy in teaching younger students than in anything else. So, it can be the best self-business idea for college students to work on.

Once you get a good start, it will easily take off provided that you work hard enough to make an impression on people around you. This will not only be an automatic reach out to your students but will also be a marketing strategy that will boost your outcomes.


The recent boom of the transport especially e transport company is no less than a miraculous success story. While transport system would be a lucrative business idea for college students, the ratio of growth and the ability to excel in it makes it a lot better option.

Uber is one of the finest platform for e-transport so it also serves as a better option for college students to work on. So college students!

A business plan awaits you and now you have to move it on to be a reality!

3. Virtual Assistant

Not everyone has the capability to manage a huge amount of work in limited time. Not only because it’s difficult but also because monotony annoys people.


People look for virtual assistants to obtain help for their tasks which they aren’t able to perform which serves as the best business idea for college students.

College students can work part time as virtual assistants as they can easily manage it in their time table. Virtual assistants also get paid well and work lesser as compared to others.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most modernized way to earn money yet it can be difficult if you go astray.

College Students!

If you know about something that people want to know about, then blogging is the key to your self-owned online business.

Make an online blog on WordPressBlogger or make a self hosted website about your particular topic. Write good articles, make videos and post them for your audience to read.

Once you get good amount of audience and acknowledgment, link your blog to Google AdSense or other advertising network to turn it into cash!

5. Personal Development

It is one of the most easiest and profitable idea from a sea of business ideas for college students.

It does happen that students look up for ways of personal development such as learning a new language or losing weight in some easy way.

Only if you could be a pro in what most people are seeking, you will get immense financial support that too with low startup cost. You can help someone work on his physique if you are a physical enthusiast yourself or you can help someone to improve public speaking if you are a good speaker.

All turning out to some good amount of cash!

6. Event Management

If you have a good sense of designing and are interested in spending time with your pals in a decent manner, then you can also work well for others. Event Management is one of the most sophisticated business idea for college students and also pays the student well.

Just use your mind and your skills to make someone’s event a memorable one. In the end you won’t not only depart with a few bucks but will also have cherished smiles of your clients.

Not only for college students, event management can serve as a wonderful business idea for others too. So if you get along well it can be your career as well!

7. Babysitting

It may seem ridiculous at first but it is one of the most trendy and most profitable business idea for college students.

They just need to do nothing except taking care of a child while the parents are not there. Also the plus point is that you can work on your college assignments as well as anything you want in the meantime.


Remember to get along well with the child!

8. Photographer

Who doesn’t like a good picture to share on social media?

Everyone likes of course do if you have a good camera and a good photographic sense, then you can also earn by photography.

Take it a step further and professional photography is one of the best known business idea for students. Either do natural photography or shoot specific events, you will receive good cash.

9. Tour Guide

If your city is a tourist attraction place all year long, then the best business idea for you as a college student is to be a tour guide.

Drop your contact details at tour operator offices and hotels that tourists live in and you will definitely be reached out by someone who needs a guide while going around in the city.

Not only you would meet new faces each time you go around but you will also learn the most important art i.e. Human Dealing.

10. Social Media Manager

Social media is the new market for businessmen and people trying to offer services. It is also the best way to reach out to clients as well as buyers.

So, you can earn out of this business idea for college students by managing social media channels of various people and in return charging money from them.


Just take the first step!

Not necessarily in any of these businesses but also in any other you feel like doing!



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