The Young Entrepreneur Program


The Young Entrepreneur Program focuses at an optimum business knowledge and the ability of analyse the situations critically by the business students.

Its aim is to help students overcome the financial hurdles in their studies and to help them achieve their desired goals.It also aims at reducing the par between students of different areas especially in the field of business.



We at Business Tiptop provide the opportunities to all those who are willing to study as well as earn in their respective areas of interest in business.

We offer following under The Young Entrepreneur Program

  • Full Scholarships To a limited number of students
  • Paid Internships to those who want to work with us.(For a period of 3 months)
  • Stipend and financial loans to the needy
  • Access to Financial investors for those who want to build on some new idea.


Note:The number of scholarships and Aid depends upon the profits of the platform as we have designated 20% of our profits for this particular area.The award maybe given by holding an essay competition on any topic regarding business e.g Business Casual.


If you are interested in any of these just email us or Contact Us

We will be obliged to help you!